Our librarians, Biing & Jin Lee, have put together a very helpful and complete catalog of the RIRS library that extends to any books received before September 2022. I have attached this main library list in PDF format

RIRS Library – New Books by acquisition or by donation  

  Items may be borrowed for a month
        We welcome donations of rose related books and videos. (Jin and Biing Lee)
  This category on new books was created on October 16, 2022

ClassifiedNoMediaTitleAuthorDate/publisherSubtitle or Description ISBNContributor(s)
NN1 BookGreen ShadesElizabeth Jane Howard1991 AURUM pressAn Anthology of Plants, Gardens and GardenersISBN 1 85410 029 7Elissa Della-Piana/ September 2022
NN2 BookThe Hidden Life of TreesPeter Wohlleben2015 David Suzuki InstituteWhat They Tell, How they Communicate Isbn 978-1-77161-248-4Elissa Della-Piana/ September 2022
NN3 BookFlowers ForeverBev PartridgeMay, 2022 Hardie grantCelebrate the beauty of dried flowers with stunning floral art ISBN 978-1-78488-434-5Elissa Della-Piana/ Oct, 2022
NN4 BookFlower SchoolCalvert Crary2020 Black dog Leventhal publishersA practical guide to the art of flower arranging ISBN 9 7807 62 47 146 1Elissa Della-Piana/ Oct, 2022