2023 RIRS Rose show
salute of roses for our service providers
  • Class 1: Hybrid Tea, Grandiflora
  • Queen -Le Petit Prince
    Lynne Harrington

  • King-Grande Amore
    Cindy and Irwin Ehrenreich

  • Princess
    Love at First Sight
    Lynne Harrington

  • Class 2: Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora Open Bloom
    Earth Song
    Cindy and Irwin Ehrenreich

  • Class 3: Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora Sprays
    No entries—

  • Class 4: Floribunda
    Easy to Please
    Nancy Gaiewski

  • Class 5: Floribunda Spray or Polyantha Spray
    Head Over Heels
    Paul Raymond

  • Class 6: Large Flowered Climber-High Wire Flyer
    Claudia Tessier

  • Class 7: Novice
    Moonlight Romantica
    Tony Brunetti

  • Class 8: Miniature:
  • Mini Queen
    Dave Candler

  • Mini King
    Louisville Lady
    Jacqui Nye

  • Class 8A: Miniflora:
  • Miniflora: Queen
    Fitzhugh’s Diamond
    Jacqui Nye

  • Class 9: Miniature Spray
    Jacqui Nye

  • Class 9A: Miniflora Spray
    No entries—

  • Class 10  Open  Miniature
    Empty Pockets
    Vanable family

  • Class 10A: Open Miniflora
    Jacqui Nye

  • Class 11: Rose in a Bowl
    Bright and Shiny
    Nancy Gaiewski

  • Class 12: Rose in a Bowl, Miniature or Miniflora
    Violet Hour
    Patsy and Ed Cunningham

  • Class 13: Old Garden Rose, Prior to 1867  (Dowager)
    Alain Blanchard
    Patsy and Ed Cunningham

  • Class 14: Old Garden Rose, 1867 or Later (Victorian)
    Rose de Rescht
    Cindy and Irwin Ehrenreich

  • Class 15: Species Roses
    Rosa gallica versicolor
    Patsy and Ed Cunningham

  • Class 16: Classic Shrubs
    Pink Grootendorst
    Cindy and Irwin Ehrenreich

  • Class 17: Modern Shrubs
    Ringo All Star – also BEST SHRUB
    Paul Raymond

  • Class 18: David Austin
    Gentle Hermione
    Jacqui Nye

  • Class 19: Brownell Roses
    Rhode Island Red
    Paul Raymond

  • Class 21: English Box, Shrubs
    Lady Emma Hamilton
    Jacqui Nye

  • Class 22: English Box, Other
    Summer Blush
    Patsy and Ed Cunningham

  • Class 23: English Box for Smaller Blooms
    Mariotta – also BEST BOX
    Jacqui Nye

  • Class 24: Best Red Rose
    Hope for Humanity
    Cindy and Irwin Ehrenreich

  • Class 25: The Victorian Rose Garden
    No Blues—

  • Class 26: Masterpieces of the Garden
    Julie Ann
    Elissa Dellapiana

  • Class 27: Salute of Roses for Our Service Providers
    Tess of the D’urbervilles and Susan Williams-Ellis
    Lynne Harrington

  • Class 29: Small Garden Challenge
    Sunrise Sunset
    Barbara Bicknell

  • Class 30: Au Naturel
    Johann Strauss
    Richard Burt

  • Class 31: The Rhode Island Gold Rosarian Award
    The Prince, The Squire, Crocus Rose, Tamora, and The Ancient Mariner
    Cindy and Irwin Ehrenreich

  • Class 32: Mystery Rose
    Unknown sport of Edisto
    David Candler

  • Class 33: Seedling or Sport
    Morning Magic X
    Patsy Cunningham

  • Class 34: Fragrance:
  • JUDGES’ CHOICE-The McCartney Rose–Paul Raymond
  • PEOPLES’ CHOICE-The McCartney Rose–Paul Raymond

  • SWEEPSTAKES (Most blue ribbons) Cindy and Irwin Ehrenreich
  • *************************************
  • Class 35: Praise for Teachers
    (Traditional Mini)
    Jacqui Nye

  • Class 36: Applaud the Medical (East Asian)
    Patsy Cunningham
    Bridge Over Troubled Water

  • Class 37: Salute the Military
    (modern line)
    Pauline DeRosa

  • Class 38: Appreciate the Volunteers
    (Anything goes, Novice)
    Nancy Gaiewski – PEOPLES’ CHOICE

  • Class 39: Emblazon the Police and Fire
    Patsy Cunningham
    Police: The Thin Blue Line

  • Class 40: Hats Off to Zoom
    (Judges’ Class)
    Marj DeAngelis

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