12th Annual Rose Show
June 19, 2010

Masterpieces of the Garden

Show chair -Mari-Ann Suvari

Go to Cafepress.com/rirose for Mari-Ann Suvari's Designs

photos courtesy of Dave Candler

1-QUEEN Craig Dorschel
1-KING Craig Dorschel
Key Largo
1-PRINCESS Craig Dorschel
1-COURT Kate Daniels
Marijke Koopman
1-COURT Dacia and Clive Nickerson
Christopher Columbus
2-Open HT Dacia and Clive Nickerson
Mr. Lincoln
3-HT Spray Mike and Angie Chute
The McCartney Rose
4-Floribunda Patsy and Ed Cunningham
5-Floribunda Spray Mike and Angie Chute
6-Climber Paul Raymond
Jacobs Robe
7-Novice Kathy Trombley
Mr. Lincoln
8-MINI QUEEN Craig Dorschel
Butter Cream  
8-MINI KING Craig Dorschel
Bees Knees
8-MINI PRINCESS Craig Dorschel
Sweet Revenge
8-MINI COURT Craig Dorschel
9-Mini Spray Dacia and Clive Nickerson
Tiddley Winks
10-Mini Open Craig Dorschel
Erin Alonzo
11-Rose in a Bowl Patsy and Ed Cunningham
Poulsen's Pearl
12-Mini Rose in a Bowl not awarded    
13-English Box HT not awarded    
14-English Box Shrubs Mike and Angie Chute
Graham Thomas/Outta the Blue
15-English Box Other Mike and Angie Chute
Hannah Gordon/Pretty Lady/Hot Cocoa
16- Artists Palette not awarded    
17-DOWAGER QUEEN Patsy and Ed Cunningham
Gallica Macrantha
18-VICTORIAN QUEEN Patsy and Ed Cunningham
Rose de Rescht
19-Species Theresa Bottari
Rosa rugosa
20-Classic Shrubs Rachelle Desrochers
Therese Bugnet
21-Modern shrubs Mary Nolan
Sally Holmes
22-David Austin Mike and Angie Chute
Graham Thomas
23-Brownell Roses Mike and Angie Chute
Rhode Island Red
24- Best Red Rose Sofi Cofield
Black Cherry
25- Victorian Rose Garden Andy & Susie Vanable
Conte de Chambord, Dublin Bay, John Cabot
26- Masterpieces of the Garden Patsy and Ed Cunningham
Poulsen's Pearl
27- Children Section Tyler Vanable
Abigail Adams
28 -Struminsky Award Bill Anderson
unknown red roses
29-Small Garden Challenge Mary Nolan
30- Au Naturale Dacia & Clive Nickerson
31-Gold Rosarian not awarded    
32- Judge's Challenge Dave Candler
33- Seedling Andy & Susie Vanable
Darlow's Enigma X unknown
34-Fragrance Dacia & Clive Nickerson
Mr. Lincoln
35-Oriental: Art of Serenity Charlotte Karikas
36-Rococo: Art of the Royal Court Patsy Cunningham
MINIGOLD certificate
37- Impressionism: Art of Light and Color not awarded    
38-Renaissance: Art of the Human Story Joanne Benner & Linda Wood
GOLD certificate
39- Modern: Art of Personal Challenge De Feldman PEOPLE'S CHOICE
SWEEPSTAKES Craig Dorschel    
JUDGES CHOICE Patsy and Ed Cunningham class 26- Poulsen's Pearl  

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