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Arrangement photos

The Rhode Island Rose Society’s

18th Annual Rose Show

“The Rose – America’s Flower”

Saturday, June 18, 2016

North Kingstown Community Center

30 Beach Street

Wickford, Rhode Island

1-Hybrid Tea Queen

Gold Medal

John Heino


John Heino

Chicago Peace

Ralph and Alice Thomas

Fragrant Cloud

John Heino


John Heino
2-Hybrid Tea Open Queen Elizabeth Kim MacInnes width="300" >
3-Hybrid Tea Spray Earth Song Mike and Angie Chute
4-Floribunda Julia Child

Bob Joslin

5-Floribunda Spray Passionate Kisses Mike and Angie Chute
6-Climber Fourth of July

Mike and Angie Chute

7-Novice Novice Bob Joslin Fourth of July
8-Mini Queen

Soroptomist International

Craig Dorschel
  King Craig Dorschel Joy
8a-Miniflora Queen

Foolish Pleasure

Craig Dorschel
9-Mini spray Irresistable Craig Dorschel
9a-Miniflora Spray   no entries  
10- Mini open Diamond Eyes Cindy and Irwin Ehrenreich width="300" >
10a-Miniflora open Maroon Eight    
11- Rose in a Bowl Grandma's Blessing Jacqui Nye
12- Mini Rose in Bowl  

Empty Pockets

13- Old Garden Rose before 1867 Gallica macrantha Patsy and Ed Cunningham
14- Old Garden Rose after 1867 American Beauty Mike and Angie Chute
15- Species Rosa gallica officinalis Andy and Susan Vanable
16 - Classic Shrubs American Pillar Patsy and Ed Cunningham
17- Modern Shrubs Grandma's Blessing Nancy Gaiewski
18 - Austin Graham Thomas Mike and Angie Chute
19 - Brownell Whitecap Mike and Angie Chute
20- English Box Floribunda Daybreaker Mike and Angie Chute
21 - English Box Shrub Graham Thomas Mike and Angie Chute
22 - English Box Other Cherry Parfait Mike and Angie Chute
23- English Box Small Gallica macrantha Patsy and Ed Cunningham
BEST English Box Gallica macrantha Patsy and Ed Cunningham
24 - Best Red rose Love's Magic John Heino
25 - Victorian Rose Garden Colorific, Happy Go Lucky, American Beauty Mike and Angie Chute
26 - Masterpieces of Garden American Pillar Patsy and Ed Cunningham
27- The Rose:
America's Flower
French Lace, Olympiad Ralph and Alice Thomas  
28- Sea of Roses Secret's Out Dacia and Clive Nickerson
29- Small Garden Carefree Beauty Nancy Gaiewski
30 - Au Natural My Girl Mike and Angie Chute  
31 - RI Gold Rosarian Hera's Song Andy and Susie Vanable  
32- Mystery ?

Jacqui Nye

33 - Seedling   Andy Vanable
34 - Fragrance   Mari-Ann Suvari Purple Pavement
  People's Choice Fragrance John Heino Fragrant Cloud
35- National Treasure Mini Gold Certificate Paul Raymond
36- America the Beautiful Bronze certificate Gretchen Warren
37 - Liberty for All Silver Certificate Elissa della Piana
38 - National Parks Gold Certificate and People's Choice Patsy Cunningham
39 - Freedom of Speech Judge's Certificate De Feldman
40 - Mike Lowe Trophy   Patsy and Ed Cunningham
TALLY   Mike and Angie Chute