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Fifteenth Annual Rose Show

“A Day at the Movies”

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Arrangement photos and miscellaneous photos


Class Winner Roses  
Class 1: Hybrid Tea, Grandiflora, Climbing Hybrid Tea or Climbing Grandiflora


Jon Hieno Hot Princess  
King Jon Hieno Gemini  
Princess Ralph and Alice Thomas Dick Clark  
Court Jon Hieno Pink Promise  
Court Jon Hieno Whisper  
Court Jon Hieno Tahitian Sunset

Class 2: Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora Open Bloom

Irwin and Cindy Ehrenreich Rock and Roll  

Class 3: Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora Sprays

Mike and Angie Chute Dublin

Class 4: Floribunda

Ralph and Alice Thomas Daybreaker  

Class 5: Floribunda Spray or Polyantha Spray

Mike and Angie Chute Julia Child

Class 6: Large Flowered Climber and Hybrid Wichurana (Rambler)

Cindy and Irwin Ehrenreich Purple Splash

Class 7: Novice 

Kathy Trombley Mr Lincoln
Class 8: Miniature or Miniflora

Mini Queen

Dacia and Clive Nickerson Tiddly Winks
Mini King Cindy and Irwin Ehrenreich Ambiance  

Class 9: Miniature or Miniflora Spray 

Irwin and Cindy Ehrenreich Black Jade

Class 10: Miniature or Miniflora Open Bloom

Sofi Cofield Jeanne Lajoie

Class 11: Rose in a Bowl

Louis Horne Smiley Face

Class 12: Rose in a Bowl, Miniature or Miniflora

Dacia and Clive Nickerson Tiddly Winks

Class 13: Old Garden Rose, Prior to 1867 (Dowager) 

Patsy and Ed Cunningham Gallica Macrantha  

Class 14: Old Garden Rose, 1867 or Later (Victorian)

Andy and Susie Vanable Variegata di Bologna  

Class 15: Species Roses    

Evie Moder Rosa rugosa  

Class 16: Classic Shrubs

Kathy Trombley Lavender Lassie  

Class 17: Modern Shrubs    

Mike and Angie Chute Outta the Blue  

Class 18: David Austin

Bob Carniaux Molineux  

Class 19: Brownell Roses

Mike and Angie Chute Rhode island Red  

Class 20: English Box, Floribundas/Polyanthas

Mike and Angie Chute Super Hero/Hot Cocoa

Class 21: English Box, Shrubs

Bob and Kat Caniaux Molineux/Lichfield Angel

Class 22: English Box, Other

Ralph and Alice Thomas Dick Clark

Class 23: English Box for Smaller Blooms

Mike and Angie Chute Sexy Rexy

Class 24: Best Red Rose

Ralph and Alice Thomas Opening night

Class 25: The Victorian Rose Garden        

Ralph and Alice Thomas About  Face /Whisper/Daybreaker

Class 26: Masterpieces of the Garden

Patsy and Ed Cunningham Gallica macrantha

Class 27: Lovely to Look At

Mike and Angie Chute Julia Child

Class 28: A Sea of Roses        

Sofi Cofield Sugar Moon

Class 29: Small Garden Challenge               

Nancy Gaiewski Pink Meidiland

Class 30: Au Naturel      

Patsy and Ed Cunningham Hot Princess

Class 31: The Rhode Island Gold Rosarian Award

Andy and Susie Vanable Hera's Song

Class 32: Mystery Rose

Rachelle Desrochers ?

Class 33: Seedling & Sports

Andy and Susie Vanable Abigail Adams x ?

Class 34: Fragrance

Montine Ross Comte de Ch?


Andy and Susie Vanable Belle de Crecy/ Charles de Mills / Variegata di Bologna

Class 35: ‘South Pacific’ (World War II musical set in Bali)

Marj Deangelis

Double Knockout

Class 36: ‘Citizen Kane’

Mini Gold Certificate

Patsy Cunningham Ty

Class 37: ‘Flower Drum Song’   

Oriental Ribbon and Silver Certificate








Gretchen Warren

Teasing Georgia

Class 38: Breakfast at Tiffany’s’

Cindy Ehrenreich


Class 39: ‘Anything Goes’  

People's Choice and Gold Certificate


Gretchen Warren

Teasing Georgia



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