Previous Meetings


November 10- Cindy and Irwin Ehrenreich on minis and minifloras


Oct 13 -Photo contest


Sept 15 - Presentation by beekepers


September 8 - Yankee District Rose Show and Lobsterfest








December 10 GARDEN CLASSROOM AT RWP 9:30AM NOON  Annual Holiday Meeting.

Holiday Treat Contest

Bake your favorite cookies/cupcakes/candy/whatever. 

Crafters are invited to bring their arts and crafts to be exhibited and sold


Garden closing for the winter. Chili and a raffle of plants and garden related items


RIRS photo contest, discussion of favorite photo tips, info about entering ARS contests

Here are photos of the 2016 Photo Contest winners



Chemical safety for CRs and sustainable gardening - Mike and Angie Chute



 Garden Maintenance and short talk on Compost Tea how to make it and use it in your garden.


July - Garden maintenance

June - Rose Show

May - Rose show prep

April - Garden opening

March - Annual Meeting. Daylily Presentation - Patsy Cunningham

February - Round table

January - Pot luck









March - Marci Martin on Elizabeth Park.

Feb -cancelled

Jan - Potluck


December - Holiday party

November - Garden closing

October - Photo contest and presentation on honeybees

September - Six pack rose show

August - Garden maintenance

July - Garden maintenance and pizza party

June - rose show

May - Rose show prep

April - Open  garden

March 11 - Annual meeting. Craig Dorschel gave powerpoint on mini and miniflora roses. Bronze medal awarded to Andy Vanable.

Feb - Round tables on hybridizing, rose care, arrangements, pests, easy care roses

Jan - Potluck



December 11- Party, holiday arrangement instruction by Patsy Cunningham, craft sale

Nov 13- Close garden

Oct 9 - Photo contest and lens presentation by Ed cunningham

Sept 11-Six pack rose show in Bristol

Aug 14 -garden maintenance

July 13 - Garden maintenance and pizza party

June 19 -Rose show

May 8 - Rose show prep presentations

April 10-Open garden

March 13: Dr. Greta Cohen, Garden Designer-"Garden Transformations: Redefining Your Landscape Design." Installation of officers

February - Booksigning by the Chutes. Question and answer panel on rose growing

January 9 - Potluck Luncheon and Raffle



December 12 - Holiday Party and Cooking Contest - arrangement demonstration by Patsy Cunningham

November 21 - Roger Williams Park Victorian Rose Garden Closing

October 10 - Rose photo contest and presentation by John Mattia

September 12 - Six pack rose show

August 8 - Garden maintainance and program on rose supports

July 14 -Garden maintainance, mini classes and pizza

June 13 - A Century of Roses Roseshow

May 9 - Demonstrations on grooming, exhibiting and arranging  presented. schedules passed out.

April 18 - Open Roger Williams Park Victorian Rose Garden

April 11 - Flower Arranging Class with Candace Morgenstern at the Roger Williams Park Greenhouse

March 14 - Installation of Officers - Annual Meeting - Presentation of ARS Bronze Medal to Patsy Cunningham followed by presentation by Wendy White of Nor'East Mini Roses on hybridizing miniature roses and exciting new developments in miniature roses.

February 14 - Election of Officers - Irwin and Cindy Ehrenreich, owners of 'The Roseman Nursey' gave presentation about their nursey and gardens in Carver, Massachusetts - raffle followed

January 10 - Pot Luck Luncheon




December 13 - Holiday Party with Rose-Themed Cooking Contest - Curt Lufkin demonstrated making holiday centerpieces

November 8 - Roger Williams Victorian Rose Garden closing

October 11 - Annual Photography Contest - Rhode Island Rose Society Member Photography Panel discussions followed

September 13 - Six Pack Rose Show with guest judge, Greg Davis

August 9 - Roger Williams Victorian Rose Garden maintenance followed by presentation by Kate Daniels on moving roses and potted roses

July  - Roger Williams Victorian Rose Garden maintenance followed by presentations on pests, propagating, and tool sharpening - pizza party

June 21 - 10th Annual Rose Show - 'A Symphony of Roses'

June 7 - Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden trip

May - Rose Show preparation

April - Open Roger Williams Park Victorian Rose Garden

March - Annual Meeting - Presentation of ARS Bronze Medal to Mike Chute followed by Photographic presentation of members' roses by Dave Candler

February - Consulting Rosarian Round Table

January - Pot luck Luncheon




December - Holiday Party - Curt Lufkin gave demonstrations of wreath-making - Members' Gift Exchange.

November - Close Roger Williams Victorian Rose Garden

October- Calendar photo contest and irrigation system demonstration by Oz Osborn

September - Greenshare Day at University of Rhode Island

August - Propagation workshop at Roger Williams Victorian Rose Garden

July - Pizza stroll and Roger Williams Victorian Rose Garden tour

June 16 - 9th Annual Rose Show - 'Roses of the Future'

May 12 - Rose Show Prep - Demonstration by Herma Altman on rose-grooming, explanation of schedule, and Powerpoint Presentation by Kate Daniels and Patsy Cunningham

April - Roger Williams Victorian Rose Garden opening

March 10 - Annual Meeting - installation of officers - Mike Chute gave a Powerpoint presentation on "Bulletproof Roses"

February 10 - Program on climbing roses with Curt Lufkin, Kate Daniels, and Patsy Cunningham - Election of Officers - Rose catalogs passed out.

January - Potluck Luncheon at East Providence Senior Center



December 9 - Holiday Party at Scituate Community Center, North Scituate, Rhode Island -  Rose arranging demonstration by Candace Morgenstern

November 11 - Roger Williams Victorian Rose Garden closing and plant raffle

October 14 - Roseanne Sherry from Master Gardeners spoke on companion planting. We then all voted on the best photos for the 2007 Rhode Island Rose Society Calendar - Kristy Campbell got the top vote

September 16 - Greenshare at the University of Rhode Island

August 12 - David Candler had a hands-on photography workshop in the rose garden - Garden maintenance.

July 11 - Major garden maintenance - Pizza provided - Special raffle of  pruners and Preen, with a free raffle ticket to all workers

June 17 - 8th Annual Rose Show - 'My First . . . Rose'

May 13 - "There's a Rose Show Class for Everyone" Show Schedules passed out - Powerpoint Presentation explaining the different classes in the show and how to exhibit in them. Miniature rose sale.

April 8 - Our rainy garden opening, with about 45 helping out!

March 11 - "Need to Know" panel questions - Installation of officers.

February 11 - Round table of best roses to grow - Catalog distribution - Election

January 14 - Pot luck lunch in the Mediterranean Room - Slate of officers for February elections announced



December 10 - Annual Holiday Party. Also a special member awards presentation.

November 12 - Annual Closing of  the Roger Williams Park Victorian Rose Garden.

October 8 - John Mattia gave a Powerpoint presentation of his European garden tour including Sangerhausen and some fascinating new varieties from European hybridizers

September 17 - Tour of Joe Kolis' and Herma Altman's gardens

August 16 - Summer maintenance, pizza party, and tool sharpening workshop

August 13 - Weeds: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, several speakers

July 12 - A Tuesday evening in the garden for deadheading, a pizza party, and a short program on summer diseases and pests

June 18 - 7th Annual Rose Show - 'Roses to Honor'

May 14 - Show Prep - Show Schedules  passed out. Herma Altman lectured on exhibiting roses, and Joe Kolis demonstrated rose grooming.  Mini rose sale.

April 9 - Open the garden

March 26 - Annual Meeting - "Need to Know" panel.

March 12 - Rescheduled to March 26 due to snowstorm

March 5 - Rose arranging Class with Donna Fuss in Mediterranean Room of greenhouse

February - Patsy Cunningham gave Powerpoint of "Rhode Island Rose Legends"

January 8 - Annual pot luck and catalog handouts



December 4 - Rhode Island Rose Society Holiday Party, special guest new Superintendent of Providence Parks, Alix Ogden

November 4 - Garden closing

October 4 - Lily Shohan, a nationally known expert on old garden roses presented a slide show and lecture - Raffle.

September 18 - Garden evaluation cancelled due to rain - Mike Chute gave a slide show on twenty-five good roses to grow in New England - a session on showing roses was held

August 14 - Dave Berg, noted hybridizer from Connecticut, presented a program on miniature roses and breeding.  Dave's most recent introduction, Norwich Sweetheart, is a vigorous mini with a fabulous scent, available from Nor'East Rose

July 10 - Extensive Pest and Disease Program at the Museum - Consulting Rosarian credit given

June 19 - 7th Annual Rose Show - 'Roses on Parade', at the Mounted Police Command in Roger Williams Park.

June 27 - Rose Garden tour for members

June 5 - Cranford Rose Garden trip

May 8 - Preparing your roses for the rose show presented by Joe Kolis. Rose show schedules  passed out and explained - Mini-rose sale.

April 17 - We opened the Roger Williams Park Victorian Rose Garden by pruning, planting, and fertilizing the roses - Mini-programs on pruning and planting.

March 13 - Guest speaker,  John Mattia, sneak preview of his new Powerpoint presentation entitled “Rose Stories” - Annual Meeting, our newly elected officers were installed and the 2004 President’s Award was announced as Bob Forand.

February 14 - Linda Shamoon presented "the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, about mail-ordering roses" - Election

Jan 10 - Annual potluck lunch.




December 13 - Annual Holiday Party - gift exchange - Margo Takian gave a demonstration on making a holiday centerpiece, which was raffled off  as a door prize.

November 8 - Garden closing - rose raffle

October 11 - Judy Gould gave a slide presentation on designing water features for your rose garden - Raffle held.

September 13 at Brookside Manor - A special program at a very special place.  Allyson Huskisson and Bob Vitale invited the members of the Rhode Island Rose Society to meet on the grounds of their beautiful bed and breakfast in Wakefield.  Allyson gave a tour of their roses and mixed perennial beds as well as a program on designing gardens of this type.

August 9 - "Discover Shrub Roses" - presented by Donna Fuss, manager of the Elizabeth Park Rose Gardens. Samples of  shrub roses brought by membership enhanced this program.  Raffle with "extras" of plants members divided this summer.

July 12 - Introducing the new Consulting Rosarians. Short talks on various aspects of mid summer rose culture by our new Consulting Rosarians.

June 15 - Rose Garden Tour for members and their guests  featured  the Chutes' and Barbara Paul's gardens.
May 17 - Lorraine Shelley gave a presentation on grooming your roses for exhibition. The show schedule was explained and passed out by Nancy Edgar.  Mini rose sale was held.
April 12 and 19 - Despite cold heavy rain on the 12th, We opened the garden with pruning, planting and fertilizing.  Planting and pruning demos.

March 8 - Annual meeting at the Casino - Installation of officers - Presentation by Art Emmons, Yankee District Director, on "New Roses for the Exhibitor".

February 8 - Our meeting  featured Mike Lowe, a widely known and knowledgeable grower of old garden roses who will present a slide show and talk on Hardy Roses for New England: Species, Old Garden Roses and Modern roses.  We will also had a brief meeting with elections and raffled two Preview Party tickets.

January 11 - Annual potluck luncheon held in the Mediterranean Room of the greenhouse



December - Holiday party and gift exchange

November 9 - Annual "put the garden to bed for the winter " day.  Jim Shepard had us try some beautiful compost from Smithfield Peat protect the bases of the rose bushes.  (Not enough horse manure this year due to construction at the greenhouses). We had our annual rose raffle and took a group photo.

October 12 - Fred Thurber gave a slide presentation of Old Garden Roses with some beautiful slides of birds as well.  Linda Kammerer discussed using the internet and gave us some good websites to use. We had a raffle.

September 14 - Here are some Picnic 2002 photos - Marie Giordano  made rose petal jelly for us and  (by proxy) told us how to make it.  It was incredibly flavorful, and unmistakably rosy (she used "Yankee Lady" rose petals.) - Barbara Semenkow instructed us in making a  corsage or bouttonniere. We had a beautiful late summer day and a fun time.

August 10 - Our program featured Clarence Rhodes, a well known rose grower and exhibitor from Maine. Clarence explained to us his methods of growing full size rose bushes entirely in containers - We had a great raffle at the end of the meeting. Clarence donated one of his large wheeled pots and members brought other plants and gifts.

July 13 - Mike Chute demonstrated bamboo tripods and his custom made portable potting bench with some surprise features. Patsy Cunningham showed how to work with copper piping to make obelisks for your climbers. Frank Ross  used bamboo stakes and boy scout knots for making latticework and Louis Horne introduced us to PVC pipework.

June 22 - Trip to Elizabeth Park

June 15 - Oceans of Roses rose show

June 9 - Garden tour

May 11 -  Presentation by Tony Silva on winning queen of the show.  Show schedules  passed out and explained.  Minis were sold.

April 13 - Victorian Rose Garden was pruned,  fertilized, raked and "preened".  Twenty five replacement bushes were planted.

March 16 - The program was on insects and diseases presented by Dave Wallace, Director of the Plant Protection Clinic at URI. The President's Award was given to Mike and Angie Chute. A special raffle was held which  included a large framed photo of a rose by Frank Ross.

February 9 - Our annual elections were held - Our program was "Easy Care Roses" presented by Nancy Edgar.

January 12 - Annual potluck was held in a beautiful sunroom of the Charles Smith Greenhouses




December 8 - Annual holiday party at the Casino. We had our gift raffle and special door prize of tickets to the preview party of the Spring Flower Show at the convention center.  Short demonstration by Program Director Clarence Varin on using water soluble fertilizers in the garden.

November 10 - Annual winterizing of the Roger Williams Park Victorian Rose Garden

October 13 - Dorrie Nichols gave a special Powerpoint presentation on the history of Brownell roses.

September 9 - Victorian Tea in the Roger Williams Park Victorian Rose Garden.  Many members wore beautiful and imaginative costumes and the Victorian finger food was great.

August 11 -  A very informative presentation and demonstration by John Shelly on growing and wintering tree roses.

July 14: There were six presentations of fifteen minutes each on various rose growing topics.

July 1: Our first Rhode Island Rose Society garden tour took place on July 1 for members and their guests.  Thank you to Linda Kammerer and Susan Hill for planning this event and to the members who opened their gardens to us.

June 17 - Rhode Island Rose Society presented: 2001 A Rose Odyssey, our third annual rose show.

May 12 - Meeting focused on June 17 rose show with tips for exhibitors. Mini sale held.

April 21 - Annual opening of the garden. Pruning, fertilizing and raking done.

April 14 - Replacement bushes planted in Roger Williams Park Victorian Rose Garden.
March 31 - Rose arranging class by Donna Fuss, line-mass arrangements

March 10 - We kicked off our 4th year with the Annual Meeting including brief President's and Treasurer's annual reports and the introduction of the new slate of officers. Incoming President Bob Sieczkiewicz spoke of the society's goals. Our guest speaker was Nancy Derrig, Superintendent of Parks for the City of Providence, summarizing the current plans for the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center with drawings and an update on the status of the project. The Botanical Center, when complete, will be our new home.

February 14-18 - The society participated in the Rhode Island Spring Flower Show at the convention center. Rose planting demonstrations were done and president, Mike Chute, gave a lecture on growing roses in Rhode Island.

February 10 - Program chairman Clarence Varin demonstrated an irrigation system in the greenhouse based on one that he installed in his garden last summer.

January 13 -  Potluck Luncheon at the Greenhouse. Plans for our 2001 Rose Show - "2001, A Rose Odyssey," were announced and committees were formed.



December 9 - Special guest speaker Nancy Derrig, Providence Superintendent of Parks provided an update on plans for the new Botanical Center in the Park, as well as all the great new changes in this year's Rhode Island Spring Flower and Garden Show. Wrapped gift "raffle" was held.

November 11 - Annual winterizing of Roger Williams Park Victorian Rose Garden with horse manure. Rose raffle held.

October 14 - Our new program director, Clarence Varin, led  a program on winterizing your roses, aimed at the beginner. Special visitors Toni and Mike Kemple of the Oregon Rose Society.  American Rose Society calendars still for sale.

September 9 - Special program on miniature roses with Carol Ann Rogers

August 6 - We had a picnic at the gazebo with lovely weather and surprise entertainment with an eight member Barbershop Quartet. A contest for best decorated hat was also held.

July 8 - Annual mulching of the Roger Williams Park Victorian Rose Garden. Sprayer demonstration held.

June 23 - 25 - Bus trip to Montreal for the Canadian National and Yankee District Rose Show and Montreal Botanical Gardens.

June 17 -  Rhode Island Rose Show 2000 at the Roger Williams Park Mounted Command Stables.

May 13 - The Show schedules were distributed and explained and a workshop will follow with experienced exhibitors demonstrating the art of showing roses. Our annual miniature rose sale was held. The new Rhode Island Rose Society badges were passed out

April 1 & 15 - Flower arranging seminar at greenhouse

April  8 - The April meeting began the spring season with the opening of the Roger Williams Park Victorian Rose Garden.  We uncovered, pruned and fed all the roses.

March 11 - Installation of officers at Roger Williams Park Casino

February 12 - An excellent lecture on rose photography was given by professional photographer Christine Struminsky. Annual election of officers held. Orders taken for  fertilizer.

January 8 - Annual potluck dinner and meeting at the greenhouse.



December 11 - Christmas meeting at the historic Roger Williams Park Casino. Awards for work in the park rose garden were announced. Special wrapped raffle held.

November 13 - Winterized the Roger Williams Park Victorian Rose Garden, also rose raffle.

October 9 - "The Clarence Rhodes Downeast Rose and Pony show". Clarence Rhodes  presented  a fun program on useful garden equipment he has developed. Clarence is a consulting rosarian, horticultural judge, and mechanics wizard.

September 11 - "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly", members  discussed growing experiences and also bring in samples of diseased or insect eaten plant material.  Soil pH testing. Raffle. Business meeting.

August 14 - Lecture and demo by David Berg on hybridizing new roses, with an emphasis on minis.  Discussed June 2000 trip to Montreal.
July 10 - Meeting at 9:00 a.m. at the greenhouse. Toured the new Roger Williams Park Victorian Rose Garden. Fertilized, dead-headed and weeded as a group. Raffle. Orders taken for Rhode Island Rose Society embroidered clothing.

June 12, 1999 - First Annual Rhode Island Rose Society Rose Show, "Rodeo Roses" took place at the Stables at Roger Williams Park, Providence, Rhode Island. It was a remarkable success, with far more entries in both quantity and quality than expected for our first rose show.

June 5 - We had a wonderful day for the bus trip to Cranford Rose Garden at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Photos will be up soon. Check out the links to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the Cranford Rose Garden.

May 8 - Exhibiting seminar, preparation for first annual rose show. Sale of donated roses from Royal River Roses.

April 10 - Held at the Roger Williams Park Casino at 9:00 a.m. Jackie Bruskin from Eastchester, New York presented a slideshow and lecture on floribundas. Distribution of ordered roses. Minis were available for sale.

March 13 - Elections held. New officers and directors listed on RIRS organization page. Society by-laws ratified by membership. Birthday party to celebrate Rhode Island Rose Society's first year.

February 18-21 - Rhode Island Spring Flower Show, Convention Center, Providence, Rhode Island. Rhode Island Rose Society provided daily rose demos and manned a booth.

February 13 - Demonstration on pruner maintenance, order roses for spring rose and fertilizer sale. Pick up orders for sweatshirts, etc. embroidered with Rhode Island Rose Society logo.

January 9 - We had a great covered dish luncheon, nice variety of homemade dishes, fun for all. Orders taken for clothing embroidered with Rhode Island Rose Society logo.



December 12 - David King, of Royall River Roses, spoke on hardy Canadian roses. Super Holiday Mystery Raffle held as a fundraiser for the Rose Show.

November 14 - Demonstration of winterizing roses. Meeting held to organize groups for the spring rose show. Special raffle including two beautiful pumpkin and flower arrangements by Nancy Archimbault. Chart presented to membership with plans for Roger Williams Victorian Rose Garden.

October 10 - Lecture by Mike Lowe on own root vs. budded roses

September 12 - Informal rose show for society members held. Open judging was used so members could learn the guidelines judges use.

August 8 - Special guest, Cathy Beyer, provided a great demonstration of rose propagation techniques. Meeting was followed by a picnic.

July 11 - Super Round Table - Consulting Rosarians each took a group to answer questions and offer advice. Monthly raffle held.

June 13 - Mulching the Park Rose Garden delayed to Wednesday due to heavy rain. Members brought in some of their blooms for comments by judges and rosarians. Another great raffle.

May 9 - "Captains" picked to organize rose garden work for this year. Now 125+ members. Question-and-answer period held. Announced tentative plans for a number of events and outings. These included: day trip to Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, "high tea" at the Roger Williams Victorian Rose Garden in August, an informal rose show in the fall for members to learn about exhibiting, dinner and installation of officers in January, workshop on propagation in August, weekend trip to Montreal in 2000, and our first official rose show next June. Picked up prepaid Roseland orders. Batch of 100 minis sold at the meeting. Extensive raffle with great prizes, including a mini, hybridized by a club member, and a rose as yet  to be introduced by Jackson Perkins.

April 18 - Orders taken for discounted Roseland roses - planting, pruning, and fertilizing demonstrations - Roger Williams Victorian Rose Garden pruned - several items raffled

March 7 - The first meeting of the Rhode Island Rose Society was held. Over 50 people met at the boathouse in Roger Williams Park, Providence, to join this new club. It was decided meetings will be held on the second Saturday of each month at 9:00 a.m. in the Greenhouse.

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