Rose Show 2013 Arrangements

South Pacific

Vera Bowen

Graham Thomas and others

Doris Stephens
William Shakespeare 2000

Marj Deangelis
Double Knockout

Citizen Kane

MariAnn Suvari

Craig Dorschel




Patsy Cunningham


Flower Drum Song

Gretchen Warren
Teasing Georgia

Charlotte Karikas
Sunrise, Sunset

Louis Horne

Sofi Cofield

Sugar Moon, Gourmet Popcorn

Patsy Cunningham
Tess of the Durbervilles

Craig Dorschel
The McCartney Rose

Breakfast at Tiffanys

Charlotte Karikas
Scarborough Fair, Mother of Pearl, Bossa Nova, Golden unicorn, Belle Story

Cindy Ehrenreich

Sofi Cofield
Twilight Zone, Ambridge Rose


Dacia Nickerson

Rosa gallica Versicolor, Passionate Kisses, Outta the Blue, Nicole, Super hero, Melodee Parfumee, Hera's Song


Anything Goes

JD Daniels

Gretchen Warren
Teasing Georgia

Clive Nickerson

Montine Ross

Rachelle Desrochers
Super Hero/ Rosa rugosa 'Alba'






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