Rose Shows!

2021 Rose Show

Virtual Enchantment of the Rose

Show Chairs: Diane and Chuck Brailsford

Rose Show Powerpoint presented as a video

Each slide shows for 5 seconds,
there is a pause button on the bottom

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Class 1 :Hybrid Tea/Grandiflora

Class 2: Hybrid Tea/Grandiflora Open Bloom

Class 3: Hybrid Tea/Grandiflora Spray

Class 4: Floribundas, single bloom

Class 5:Floribunda Spray

Class 6 : Climbers

Class 7: Novice

Best Junior Entry


Class 8: Miniature/Miniflora

Class 9: Miniature/miniflora Spray

Class 10: Rose in a Bowl

Class 11: Mini/miniflora Rose in a Bowl

Class 12: OGR before 1867

Class 13: OGR after 1867

Class 14: Classic Shrub

Class 15: Modern Shrub

Austin Shrubs

Class 17: Brownell Roses

Class 18: Most Enchanting Rose

Class 19: Small Garden Challenge

Class 20: Au Naturel

Class 21: Best Seedling

Enchanting Garden Challenge: Peoples' Choice

Class 22:"Magic Spell" Miniature arrangmeent

Class 23: "Beauty and the Beast Ballet" Novice Arrangment

Class 24: "Mystical Mountain" Oriental Arrangment

Class 25: "Phantom of the Rose" Anything Goes Arrangment

Class 26: "Once Upon a Time" Judges' Arrangment

Strict deadline for photos to patsygc@gmail.com : June 19

Horticultural judging through a Zoom meeting on June 26 starting at 10:30.

Presentation of show and winners at the July 10 meeting

Rose Show Committee

Rose Show Chairs Diane Brailsford (dmbrailsf1199@gmail.com)
Chuck Brailsford (chuckbrail3@gmail.com)

Chairman of Judges Patsy Cunningham (patsygc@gmail.com)

Assistant Chairman of Judges Mike Chute

Show Schedule Angelina Chute

Floral Arrangements Patsy Cunningham

Zoom Coordinator Nancy Gaiewski

Break-out Room Hosts Angie Chute, Rachelle Desrochers, Nancy Gaiewski

Virtual Clerks Barbara Bicknell, Frank Karikas, Montine Ross

Art and Design Elissa Della-Piana

Awards Diane Brailsford, Chuck Brailsford, Barbara Bicknell

Certificates Angelina Chute

Membership Linda Joslin

Tally Angelina Chute

Horticultural Judges
Dave Candler, Dave Long, David Cannistraro, Ann Gibson, Joe Gibson, Mike Fuss
Jeannette Danehy, Lynne Harrington, Jacqui Nye, Cindy & Irwin Ehrenreich, Jason Capote (Apprentice Judges)

Arrangements Judges Craig Dorschel, Marj Deangelis, De Feldman

ROSE SHOW RULES Please download PDF for official schedule: Show schedule PDF

1. This virtual show is not an ARS certified rose show. It is limited to members of the Rhode Island Rose Society. All blooms entered into competition in this show must have been grown in the exhibitor’s own outdoor garden. Photos must be taken from blooms from the 2021 season.

2. Each entry must be photographed from both front and top views and sent as an attachment by email to patsygc@gmail.com. The email subject and the filename of the photo must be in the format: class variety exhibitor , example: 3 Earth Song Cunninghams. Both side view and top view may be sent in one email, though 2 emails are also acceptable.

3. All entries must be received via email to patsygc@gmail.com by 8PM Saturday June 19

4. Horticultural entries are limited in this show to 12 total per family/garden. No photograph may be used twice in the competition

5. Approved names and classes will be governed by these approved publications: Modern Roses, Official List of Approved Exhibition Roses, Handbook for Selecting Roses, Combined Rose List.

6. An exhibitor may have more than one entry in a class, unless otherwise stated in this schedule, provided each entry is of a different variety (cultivar) or grouping of varieties.

7. Climbing sports of any class rose variety must be shown in the section for non-climbing counterparts of the same variety, not in the section for climbers.

8. Virtual ribbons are given to entries based on merit: First (blue), Second (red) and Third (green) in each section. Honorable Mention (white) may be awarded at the discretion of the judges.

9. The show chairperson reserves the right to make impromptu decisions relative to the intent of the show rules.

10. Exhibitors Instructions: Roses are to be exhibited in exhibiter’s own vase(s). Photos of a front view (from at least the rim of the vase) and overhead view are required for all horticultural entries

11. Each rose variety will constitute a class. A rose or roses will be judged against the merits of the variety.

12. Ribbons will be awarded each variety based upon the determination of the judges. No award is required for any class or individual rose. The decision of the judges shall be final

13. Point Scoring System: Form 25 points, Color 20 points, Stem & Foliage 20 points, Substance 15 points, Balance & Proportion 10 points, Size 10 points:

14. Disqualifications: Misnamed roses, the presence of a foreign substance applied to a specimen to improve appearance, or any entry in violation of ARS rules or rules of this show.


1. Each class is limited to 6 entries with the exception of class 23 (Novice) which has no limit. Exhibitors may enter as many classes as desired, but only one exhibit per class.

2. A full front view photo of the entry should be sent as an attachment by email to patsygc@gmail.com by 8PM June 19. The email subject and the filename of the photo must be in the format: class exhibitor, for example : 22 Cunningham. Please list the roses used in the body of your email. Any comment such as a title or interpretation of the theme may also be in the email.

3. Each entry must be the work of the exhibitor. Outdoor-grown roses should be used in all arrangements, but need not be grown by the exhibitor. Florist roses are not allowed and will be cause for disqualification. Full size and/or miniature/miniflora roses may be used in any arrangement unless otherwise specified in the schedule for that class.

4. The rose must be the dominant flower in all arrangements. Other flowers and foliage may also be used. Dried or preserved material may be included. No artificial flowers or foliage are permitted. Plant material may not be painted, or dyed. Neither plants on the conservation lists nor live creatures are permitted. The American flag or the flag of any country may not be used.

5. Entries will be judged by an ARS arrangements judge in cooperation with Federated Garden Club judges. First, second, third, and honorable mention ribbons will be awarded in each class. The decision of the judges is final.

6. An award for the best overall floral art exhibit will be determined by the judges.

Floral Design Point Scorecard: Total of 100 possible points

Conformance: 15 points (Roses correctly named, Conformance to specific requirements of schedule

Design (5 points per principle): Balance, Dominance, Contrast, Rhythm, Proportion, Scale

Perfection of the roses: 30 points, Creativity and Expressiveness: 15 points, Distinction: 10 points


Class 1: Hybrid Tea, Grandiflora, Climbing Hybrid Tea or Climbing Grandiflora: One specimen bloom, to be shown disbudded or naturally grown without side buds. Eligible for Queen of Show

Class 2: Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora Open Bloom: One fully open bloom, with stamens showing, to be shown disbudded or naturally grown without side buds.

Class 3: Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora Sprays: One spray of two or more blooms.

Class 4: Floribunda: One bloom per stem to be shown disbudded.

Class 5: Floribunda Spray or Polyantha Spray: One spray of two or more blooms.

Class 6: Large Flowered Climber and Hybrid Wichurana (Rambler): One bloom or spray of large-flowered climber or hybrid wichurana (rambler). Climbing sports must not be shown in this class.

Class 7: Novice: One stem or spray of any rose to be shown with or without side buds. This class is open only to anyone who has won three or fewer blue ribbons in a horticultural class in an ARS sanctioned show. More than one entry allowed per exhibitor.

Class 8: Miniature/Miniflora: One specimen bloom, disbudded or grown naturally without side buds.

Class 9: Miniature/Miniflora Spray: One spray of two or more blooms.


Class 10: Rose in a Bowl: One bloom, any type except miniature or miniflora, fully open, dis-played without stem or foliage, floating on water in a bowl. One entry per exhibitor.

Class 11: Rose in a Bowl, Miniature or Miniflora: One miniature or miniflora rose, fully open, displayed without stem or foliage, floating on water in a miniature bowl. One entry per exhibitor.

Old Garden Roses: Old garden roses may be exhibited with or without side buds. They include alba, Bourbon, centifolia, China, damask, foetida, gallica, hybrid multiflora, hybrid perpetual, moss, noisette, portland, spinosissima, and teas as well as others listed in ARS and other approved publications.

Class 12: Old Garden Rose, Prior to 1867 (Dowager): Old garden roses in existence prior to 1867. Date of introduction must be included in name of photo.

Class 13: Old Garden Rose, 1867 or Later (Victorian): Old garden roses introduced in 1867 or later, or those with unknown dates of introduction. Date of introduction must be included in name of photo.

Shrub Roses: Shrub Roses May Be Exhibited with or without Side Buds

Class 14: Classic Shrubs: One stem or spray of roses classified as hybrid musk (HMsk), hybrid rugosa (HRug), hybrid kordesii (HKor), and hybrid moyesii (HMoy). Eligible for RIRS Best Shrub Certificate

Class 15: Modern Shrubs: One stem or spray of any other rose classified as shrubs (S) except David Austin Roses. Eligible for RIRS Best Shrub Certificate

Class 16: David Austin: One stem or spray of any rose hybridized by David Austin. Eligible for RIRS Best Shrub Certificate

Class 17: Brownell Roses: One stem or spray of any Brownell rose. Stems may be exhibited with or without side buds.

Challenge Classes

Class 18: Elegant Enchanting Rose: One stem or spray of any pink, red, mauve or apricot variety. One entry per exhibitor. *Eligible for People's Choice

Class 19: Small Garden Challenge: Two stems or sprays of the same or different varieties. Restricted to persons with gardens having 30 or fewer rose bushes.

Class 20: Au Naturel: One stem or spray of any variety grown completely without the use of chemical pesticides.

Class 21: Seedling & Sports: Non-registered roses hybridized by the exhibitor and sports found by the exhibitor. Both seedling parents’ names desirable; however, seed parent or sport parent must be listed.



Class 22: Magic Spell: A line or line-mass design using only miniature and/or miniflora roses. Design may include accessories.

Class 23: Classic Beauty and the Beast Ballet: A full-size traditional curved design (for example: such as was learned in the January 2020 arrangement workshop). This class is limited to Novices who have not won a blue arrangement ribbon in an ARS show.

Class 24: Mystical Mountain: A full size arrangement in the Oriental manner utilizing in a vertical vase. No accessories allowed.

Class 25: Phantom of the Rose: Anything goes! A design in any or no style fitting the class theme. Full size and/or miniature/miniflora roses may be used. Design must include a mask.

Class 26: Once Upon a Time: Open to Rose Show Arrangements judges. A design in any modern style reflecting the theme.

*People’s Choice Award for Arrangements and Class 18: Elegant Enchanting Rose will be voted on by members attending the July 10 Virtual Rose Show. For Class 18 members will take part in the “Beauty & the Beast Challenge” by voting for the most beautiful, elegant and enchanting rose they would want to give to a loved one or someone special.