2019 Show

CHAIR: Lynne Harrington : lynneharri@hotmail.com

21st Annual Rose Show Art of the Rose June 15, 2019

1 Queen Hybrid Tea Melody Parfume Kathy Trombley

1 King Hybrid Tea Cherry Parfait Dacia & Clive Nickerson

1 Princess Hybrid Tea Dick Clark Alice & Ralph Thomas
1 Court Hybrid Tea Fame Paul Raymond
2 Hybrid Tea Open Bloom Wild Blue Yonder Patsy & Ed Cunningham
3 Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora Sprays Sweet Fragrance Angie & Mike Chute
4 Floribunda Tuscan Sun Alice & Ralph Thomas
5 Floribunda or Polyantha Spray Playboy Angie & Mike Chute
6 Large Flowered Climber and Hybrid Wichurana (Rambler) Above All Paul Raymond
7 Novice Melody Parfume Allaria "La" Trombley-Robinson
8 Miniature Edisto Craig Dorschel

8A Miniflora Show Stopper Craig Dorschel
9 Miniature Spray Whimsy Ellie Fedele
11 Rose in a Bowl Matilda Cindy & Irwin Ehrenreich
12 Rose in a Bowl, Mini or Miniflora Tiddley Winks Cindy & Irwin Ehrenreich
13 Old Garden Rose, Prior to 1867 (Dowager) Alain Blanchard Patsy & Ed Cunningham
14 Old Garden Rose, 1867 or Later (Victorian) Rose de Rescht Rachelle & Bob Desrochers
15 Species Roses Rosa Eglanteria Patsy & Ed Cunningham
16 Classic Shrubs Hera's Song Jacqui Nye
17 Modern Shrubs Clair Renaissance Angie & Mike Chute
18 David Austin Teasing Georgia Paul Raymond
19 Brownell Roses Golden Arctic Angie & Mike Chute
20 English Box, Floribundas/Polyanthas Passionate Kisses Angie & Mike Chute
21 English Box, Shrubs Graham Thomas Angie & Mike Chute
22 English Box, Other Alain Blanchard Patsy & Ed Cunningham
23 English Box for Smaller Blooms Violet Hour Patsy & Ed Cunningham
24 Best Red Rose Olympiad Alice & Ralph Thomas
25 The Victorian Rose Garden Alain Blanchard, All the Rage, City of York Patsy & Ed Cunningham
26 Masterpieces of the Garden Nicole Angie & Mike Chute
27 Art of Roses Purple Tiger Angie & Mike Chute
28 A Sea of Roses Macy's Pride Angie & Mike Chute
29 Small Garden Challenge Flutterbye Nancy Gaieswski
30 Au Naturel (1 stem or Spray- no Pesticides) Prairie Princess Angie & Mike Chute
31 The Rhode Island Gold Rosarian Award Rhode Island Red Angie & Mike Chute
32 Mystery Rose maybe Sharifa Asma ? Alice & Ralph Thomas
33 Seedling & Sports N/A N/A
34 Fragrance / ARS Award The McCartney Rose Paul Raymond
Sweepstakes Award Angie & Mike Chute

35 Art Nouveau Arrangement - Patsy Cunningham - Mini Gold

36 Watercolors - Patsy Cunningham - Bronze

37 A Still Life with Roses - Elissa Della Piana - Silver and People's Choice

38 Rose Tattoo Art - Patsy Cunningham - Gold

39 Dutch Masters - Cindy Ehrenreich

40 - Judges - History of Art - Craig Dorschel


Arrangement Schedule:


Theme: “The Art of the Rose”

All arrangement classes are eligible for “People’s Choice Award” and arranger grown entries in Classes 35-39 are eligible for ARS certificates as outlined in the rules. Classes are limited to 4 entries with exception of the miniature class which allows up to 6

Class 35: Art Nouveau

A line, line-mass or modern design utilizing only miniature and/or miniflora roses measuring no more than 10” in any direction. Design must be inspired by Art Nouveau design styles. Arrangement to be staged on an 18” pedestal provided by the committee or the designer.

Class 36: Watercolors

A design in the Oriental manner arranged in a shallow container. Design should be evocative of the Impressionistic period of art, staged in a 30” space and must include visible water. Eligible for the Oriental Ribbon.

Class 37: A Still Life with Roses

A table design inspired by still life paintings staged in a 30” space. Basic requirements are a dish, a drinking vessel and a rose arrangement. Other accessories may also be included (though flatware/silverware is not allowed by rule). May be staged or displayed in non-traditional style. Eligible for the Court of Etiquette Award.

Class 38: Rose Tattoo Art

Anything Goes! Design in arranger’s choice of any style staged in no more than a 30” space. Design style choices also include Pavé, framed, hanging, or any modern or traditional style. Personal adornment such as bouquets on a stand or designs displayed on a backdrop are also allowed. If the design is better suited to a more limited space, arranger must provide own background and underlay.

Class 39: Dutch Masters

A traditional mass arrangement staged in a 30” space. Must include either Old Garden Roses or “English” style roses. Eligible for Royalty award.

Class 40: The History of Art

Limited to visiting arrangement judges. A design in arranger’s choice of styles staged in no more than 30” space. If the design is better suited to a more limited space, arranger must provide own background and underlay. Design must be inspired by a specific historical period of art from any time and any part of the world. This chosen period must be specified and may be described on an index card. Eligible for Best Judge’s award







2018 SHOW


CLASS Rose Exhibitor  
1-Hybrid Tea


Dick Clark  

Alice & Ralph Thomas  

King  Centennial  

Mike & Angie Chute


Mister Lincoln  

Alice & Ralph Thomas 

Court Rina Hugo Mike & Angie Chute
Court Let Freedom Ring

Claudia Tessier

2-Hybrid Tea Open

Queen Elizabeth

Alice & Ralph Thomas
3-Hybrid Tea Spray

 Earth Song

Mike & Angie Chute  


       Passionate Kisses

Mike & Angie Chute 
5-Floribunda Spray

                      Passionate Kisses

Mike & Angie Chute 

                Night Owl


Dacia & Clive Nickerson


      Elizabeth Taylor

Diane Hurd                                 



Diamond Eyes Jacqui Nye
8a-Miniflora NA    
9-Mini spray Cupid's Kisses Jacqui Nye
9a-Miniflora Spray NA    
11- Rose in a Bowl      Alain Blanchard

Andy & Susie Vanable

12- Mini Rose in Bowl

                                        Cupid’s Kisses

Jacqui Nye
13- Old Garden Rose before 1867

Dowager Queen -


Gallica Macrantha


Patsy & Ed Cunningham

14- Old Garden Rose after 1867

Victorian Award

Rose de Rescht

Cindy and Irwin Ehrenreich

15- Species


Genesis Award

Rosa gallica "Versicolor"


Dacia and Clive Nickerson

16 - Classic Shrubs


Best Shrub

Nouvelle France

Mike & Angie Chute                      
17- Modern Shrubs

Clair Renaissance

Mike & Angie Chute 
18 - Austin

Olivia Rose Austin

Jacqui Nye   
19 - Brownell Rhode Island Red Angie and Mike Chute
20- English Box Floribunda


Best Box

Passionate Kisses

Mike & Angie Chute       
21 - English Box Shrub

Brothers Grimm

Bob Carniaux 
22 - English Box Other

White Cap

Mike & Angie Chute 
23- English Box Small

Rhapsody in Blue/Passionate Kisses


Mike & Angie Chute

24 - Best Red rose


Veteran’s Honor

Ralph & Alice Thomas
25 - Victorian Rose Garden


Princess Charlene de Monaco/Sunshine Daydream/Rugelda


Lynne Harrington

26 - Masterpieces of Garden Rosa rubrifolia


Patsy & Ed Cunningham Image may contain: flower and plant
27- Kaleidoscope of Colors

Wild Blue Yonder/Tuscan Sun/Honey Perfume

Ralph and Alice Thomas
28- Sea of Roses

White Cap

Mike & Angie Chute  
29- Small Garden

Julia Child


Barbara Bicknell

30 - Au Natural Nouvelle France Mike and Angie Chute
31 - RI Gold Rosarian About Face

Lynne Harrington

32- Mystery ?

Frank Karikas

33 - Seedling Hera's Song X Earth Song

Clive Nickerson

34 - Fragrance Wild Blue Yonder


Patsy & Ed Cunningham  
Fragrance - People's Choice


Neil Diamond

Lynne Harrington  
35- Kaleidoscope Eyes


Mini Gold Certificate

Mini Royalty


Cupid's Kisses Jacqui Nye
36- Patterns of Beauty


Oriental Award

Silver Certificate

Home and Family

Louis Horne

37 - Point of View


Artist Award

Gold Certificate

People's Choice


Earth Song

R. canina

Patsy Cunningham
38 - Mirror Dance Hera's Song, x, x Clive Nickerson
39 - Fractured Imagination


Judge's Award

New Dawn Marj Deangelis
TALLY   Mike and Angie Chute