2018 Show - Twentieth Annual


Show Chairs: Alice and Ralph Thomas


CLASS Rose Exhibitor  
1-Hybrid Tea


Dick Clark  

Alice & Ralph Thomas  

King  Centennial  

Mike & Angie Chute


Mister Lincoln  

Alice & Ralph Thomas 

Court Rina Hugo Mike & Angie Chute
Court Let Freedom Ring

Claudia Tessier

2-Hybrid Tea Open

Queen Elizabeth

Alice & Ralph Thomas
3-Hybrid Tea Spray

 Earth Song

Mike & Angie Chute  


       Passionate Kisses

Mike & Angie Chute 
5-Floribunda Spray

                      Passionate Kisses

Mike & Angie Chute 

                Night Owl


Dacia & Clive Nickerson


      Elizabeth Taylor

Diane Hurd                                 



Diamond Eyes Jacqui Nye
8a-Miniflora NA    
9-Mini spray Cupid's Kisses Jacqui Nye
9a-Miniflora Spray NA    
11- Rose in a Bowl      Alain Blanchard

Andy & Susie Vanable

12- Mini Rose in Bowl

                                        Cupidís Kisses

Jacqui Nye
13- Old Garden Rose before 1867

Dowager Queen -


Gallica Macrantha


Patsy & Ed Cunningham

14- Old Garden Rose after 1867

Victorian Award

Rose de Rescht

Cindy and Irwin Ehrenreich

15- Species


Genesis Award

Rosa gallica "Versicolor"


Dacia and Clive Nickerson

16 - Classic Shrubs


Best Shrub

Nouvelle France

Mike & Angie Chute                      
17- Modern Shrubs

Clair Renaissance

Mike & Angie Chute 
18 - Austin

Olivia Rose Austin

Jacqui Nye   
19 - Brownell Rhode Island Red Angie and Mike Chute
20- English Box Floribunda


Best Box

Passionate Kisses

Mike & Angie Chute       
21 - English Box Shrub

Brothers Grimm

Bob Carniaux 
22 - English Box Other

White Cap

Mike & Angie Chute 
23- English Box Small

Rhapsody in Blue/Passionate Kisses


Mike & Angie Chute

24 - Best Red rose


Veteranís Honor

Ralph & Alice Thomas
25 - Victorian Rose Garden


Princess Charlene de Monaco/Sunshine Daydream/Rugelda


Lynne Harrington

26 - Masterpieces of Garden Rosa rubrifolia


Patsy & Ed Cunningham Image may contain: flower and plant
27- Kaleidoscope of Colors

Wild Blue Yonder/Tuscan Sun/Honey Perfume

Ralph and Alice Thomas
28- Sea of Roses

White Cap

Mike & Angie Chute  
29- Small Garden

Julia Child


Barbara Bicknell

30 - Au Natural Nouvelle France Mike and Angie Chute
31 - RI Gold Rosarian About Face

Lynne Harrington

32- Mystery ?

Frank Karikas

33 - Seedling Hera's Song X Earth Song

Clive Nickerson

34 - Fragrance Wild Blue Yonder


Patsy & Ed Cunningham  
Fragrance - People's Choice


Neil Diamond

Lynne Harrington  
35- Kaleidoscope Eyes


Mini Gold Certificate

Mini Royalty


Cupid's Kisses Jacqui Nye
36- Patterns of Beauty


Oriental Award

Silver Certificate

Home and Family

Louis Horne

37 - Point of View


Artist Award

Gold Certificate

People's Choice


Earth Song

R. canina

Patsy Cunningham
38 - Mirror Dance Hera's Song, x, x Clive Nickerson
39 - Fractured Imagination


Judge's Award

New Dawn Marj Deangelis
TALLY   Mike and Angie Chute